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The Underwater Environment

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A person who is physically fit may not be necessary fit to dive. The underwater environment is stressful to the cardiovascular and respiratory system

  • As the depth increase, the air that is breath gets denser. More effort is needed to breathe in and out. The heart would also need to work harder by pumping at a greater strength than what it is normally used to.
  • The dense cool air under pressure can also cause problems to the sinuses and to the lungs especially those that have a history of asthma ( even childhood asthma ) or rhinitis ( running nose ). Some of these problems can be life threatening e.g.

          Pulmonary barotrauma
          Cerebral air gas embolism
          Sinus barotrauma
          Aural barotrauma

  • The underwater environment presents the diver with a weightless environment, up and down can be difficult to discern, sounds and vision are distorted, added to this is the disorientating effects of nitrogen narcosis.
  • As such the underwater environment can be disorientating particularly at night. And to someone who is anxious, it can be particularly worrisome.
  • A proper medical screening and education is able to allay the fears of the new diver and increase his enjoyment and appreciation of diving and make him want to come back for more!!!

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